Future Nature Culture

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This exhibition presents new works by Italian artist Rebecca Ballestra, created during her residency at Rhôd earlier 2013. Rhôd is an annual exhibition of site-specific contemporary art and performance, at an old mill in rural West Wales. Its fifth exhibition, curated by Cardiff based artist, Sara Rees, invited artists to creatively respond to the phrase Future Nature Culture; to consider both the local and the wider global context of our relationship to nature now and into the future. Rebecca Ballestra further explores these themes in her exhibition at Goat Major Projects in Cardiff.   Such issues are of major ongoing concern to the artist’s practice. For the past two years Ballestra has been working on Journey into Fragility, an art project inspired by the The Arenzano Manifesto for Earth and Human Beings, written by Massimo Morasso in 2001. Her residency in Wales comprises Step 8 and corresponds to the eighth statement of the Manifesto for the Earth and the Human Being: Preserving everyone’s defining features, if to respect differences and promote dialogue leads to an effective pluralism, much more than the universalistic utopia and the rough generalization on which modernity had its foundations set.

Goat Major Project, Cardiff

3rd-24th November 2013

Preview: 3rd November, 2pm