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Eleventh step in Brazil - curated by Joachim Arndt - from 14th to 24th February 2014

Partner: International Dialogues

Anthropocentrism, as the defining character of Western culture throughout the last centuries, is responsible for the environmental emergency. (Manifesto's Seventh Thesis)

The theme of this step was anthropocentrism as defining character of Western culture and collective consciousness regarding the human position in an ecological, social and cultural system. The focus was on urban area as almost 50% of world population is urbanized and of the juxtaposition of cultural diversities and social activities. The field of research was Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brazil), two of the most populated city in the world, experiencing an economic boom and great social inequalities. Journey into Fragility was part of Transnational Dialogues Caravan Brazil: Change Utopia, during which artists, philosophers, researchers, activists and practitioners have been invited to discuss and criticize the present to image alternative futures  and finding together news scales of values.  During the two weeks several alternative artists’ locations as well institutional art centres were visited, like Punto Aurora, PIVO Gallery, SESC Pompeia, Phosphorus, Casa do Povo in Sao Paulo and Studio – X, Fabrica Bhering (TAL), MAR (Museo de Arte do Rio), MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporanea), Casa Giromundo in Rio de Janeiro. For Journey into Fragility of certain interest was the debate The Urban, Communities and Education in SESC Pompeia (Sao Paulo). Here was discussed the meaning of the civil participation and protest and the role of arts as transformer of protest in constructive social activism. In Studio-X (Rio de Janeiro) the meeting was focused on artists’ interventions and processes of urban regeneration, emphasizing complexities of urban areas such as the interconnection between different social strata, economical influence and policies.