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Collaborative project involving international artists from all over the world. The work  NOWHERE consists in a map of costellations where each star is a piece of art, 5x5 cm each one of a different artist. Each art work is inspired by the environmental problem of the Ozone Hole  The map of costellation will be accompany by a video featuring interviews with the astronauts, telling the strong and deep emotions at seeing the blue planet from space, and the feeling of fragility of our planet and the encessity they felt to take care of and protect the earth.

Artits in order of pictures: Flavia Bigi (Peel the egg);  Anders Andreas (Odissea); Elisa Bollazzi (Un framento nel firmamento); Ester Grossi (Vicinanze); Maris Denis ; Elsa Cha (Paysage pétrifié); Rachela Abbate (Everywhere) Virginia Zanetti  (Levitas Originae); Vittore Baroni (Requiem)