Artistic Collaboration

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Luca Coclite (collaborating artist for the second step in Switzerland) 

Luca Coclite is a visual art. He was born in Gagliano del Capo (Lecce) on 12th April  1981 and he lives and works between Bologna and Lecce. His works suggest imaginary overlappings and the temporary or permanent reference absence, which create the conditions within his poetics take form. The viewer, caught off guard by an assiduous image changing, is pushed to look for(original) information spoors behind materializing projections. Currently he is Artistic Project curator of RAMDOM Association. 

Alessandro Olla (collaborating artist for the fifth step in China)

Prolific and multi-faceted artist, Alessandro Olla has invested a major part of his creative effort in transgressing musical formalities and academicism. His skills forged in classical studies that included piano, composition and electronics, he was soon tempted by the possibilities of the freest slopes of sonic creation, entering into the turbulent but exciting fields of improvisation, experimentation and risk-taking electronics. In the course of those trips he has been able to count on the collaboration of major figures of the most uncompromising musical activism: Ikue Mori, Maja Ratke,Tim Hodgkinson, David Shea, David Cossin, Max Eastley, Marc Ribot, Jean Marc Montera, Llorenc Barber, Phill Niblock, Victor Nubla, Z’EV. As a result of this fertile curiosity and of his aim of dissolving the prison walls surrounding different disciplines, the work of Alessandro Olla started spreading, as of a decade ago, in multiple directions. Those directions have led to his involvement in projects that incorporate visual and scenic factors such as speakers (creations for films and theatre and dance shows, performances), to express the poetical and sonorous possibilities of objects and matter, or to rediscover certain physical phenomena (gravitation, oscillation, inertia) through the eye of a bold conjurer. The result of this investigation is a work that extracts from risk and experimentation a range of experiences, bright and immediate, that make out of the ‘every-day’ something continuously re-discoverable.

Carmelo Camilli (collaborating artist for the seventh step in Costa Rica)
Has become a cameraman with the dream of filming documentaries. During several years he has worked in Rome as a freelance cameraman for many important video companies until he started working for the press agency Thomson Reuters. Sensitive about the ecological themes decided to produce the documentary IRIRIA - Niña Tierra, his first experience as a producer and Director.

Jacob Whittaker (collaborating artist for the eighth step in Wales)

Jacob Whittaker lives and works in Cardigan, Ceredigion. A committee member of the Rhôd Artist's Group and co-founder of sonic arts group GWRANDO and Capel Y Graig art space, work includes sound and video installation, as well as documentary film for artists, local groups and community organisations. Since 2003 his work has explored themes of nostalgia and memory using found objects and consumer equipment. Works embrace the restrictions and idiosyncrasies of broken machines and degraded media, and explore ‘failure’ as a compositional device, challenging ideas of aesthetic value. Installations created using found objects often become performance spaces, examining boundaries between music performance and performance art

Rachela Abbate (collaborating artist for the leventh step in Brazil)