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PAOLA VALENTI (main curator)

Paola Valenti is an Italian scholar of contemporary art and a researcher and professor in the same field at the University of Genoa. She graduated in Foreign Languages, Literature and Arts and specialized in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Genoa, where she completed her studies with a PhD in History, Conservation and Restoration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage (Faculty of Architecture). Her academic career began with a research grant (2003-2004) for the organization and diffusion of the materials preserved in the Archives of Contemporary Art (AdAC) of the University of Genoa; since then her research activity develops in the field of XX and XXI century visual arts, with a particular attention to documentary sources. She is the author of many essays on the figurative culture of the XX century and of monographs on Lucio Fontana (Lucio Fontana in dialogo con lo spazio: opere ambientali e collaborazioni architettoniche 1946-1968, De Ferrari Editore, Genova 2009); Paul Klee (Klee erobert Italien. Italiens Kunstkritik über den Bilder-Zauberer, Verlag Steinmeier, Deiningen 2009); Ludwig Meidner (Ludwig Meidner attraverso gli scritti, De Ferrari Editore, Genova 2009), Maria Rebecca Ballestra (Maria Rebecca Ballestra. Changing Perspectives /Cambiando Prospettive, texts in Italian and English, De Ferrari Editore, Genova 2011). She also wrote some essays on the avant-garde movements of the second half of the XX century for Art of the Twentieth Century, published by Skira in several volumes (Italian and English version). She recently collaborated with Carlo Bertelli for the new edition of History of Art, a manual published by Bruno Mondadori (2010; V Volume, XX Century Art and the new trends in the art of the present). She is also an art critic and a correspondent of Juliet Art Magazine; she took part in the organisation of several national and international art exhibitions and she recently curated Maria Rebecca Ballestra's exhibition in five steps Changing Perspectives / Cambiando Prospettive (Genoa, June – November 2011).


LUCA BOCHICCHIO (1st step curator)

Luca Bochicchio is an Italian art critic and curator. He has a PhD in Arts, Theatre and Multimedia Technologies and he is currently working on the development project of MuDAC - Museo Diffuso d'Arte Contemporanea in Albissola Marina (Savona, Italy). At the University of Genova he works as a temporary contract researcher for the Department of Arts (DIRAS) and cooperates with AdAC (Archives of Contemporary Art). He has published reviews as well as scientific essays in magazines such as Tk/Artkey, Juliet Art Magazine, Faenza, Ore Piccole, Tecnologie Didattiche, Anthropos & Iatria, Opuscula Musealia, Elephant & Castle. As a curator he has presented monographic and group exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland, Monte-Carlo and Paris.


THOMAS KALAU (2nd step curator)

Thomas Kalau is the founder of KalART, a platform for culture and contemporary arts and related services.  kalART is a service oriented enterprise for the promotion of the arts within Switzerland and internationally. It focuses on the promotion of art and culture as a medium of communication and understanding and is based on an international network of artists and cultural decision makers.  kalART has been incorporated in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland, in 2008.  Its subdivision "artXchange" promotes visual and fine arts of Swiss and international artists, while "musiXchange" is a platform for the international Swiss jazz scene. kalART has been supporting Maria Rebecca Ballestra's project "Viaggio nella Fragilità" since the summer of 2011.


DANIELA LEGOTTA (3rd step curator)

Daniela Legotta graduated in History of Art (second degree) at Genoa University. She is an independent curator and art critic. She is one of the founders of Ko.Ji.Ku. Association (Consortium Young Curators) which has organized several solo and collective exhibitions of young artists. She has published essays in magazines and catalogs. Currently She collaborates with the Archive of Contemporary Art (University of Genoa) and she is working with Comune di Celle Ligure (Savona, Italy) to the development of a web portal dedicated to contemporary art and young creativity. She is museum guide and is also active in the field of communication.


MAMIA BRETESCHE (4th step curator)

Born in Algeria, mamia Bretesche has been manager of the cultural department of the institute and school of Petroleum in Oran – Algeria. She has also curated several exhibitions for galleries and institutions in Algeria, Dubai and  France. In 1978, she curated the exhibition “The independence day in Angola” White & Black photography by famous photographers, held at the Institute of petroleum. She has been the curator of “Europa’rt ” artists of the European countries at the European parliament bureau, Information office and exhibition center  in Berlin, in 1995. Between 2003 and 2008, she held several international fairs as a Parisian gallery owner, Diva New York, Venice V7, Roma, Dubai, Paris. In 2010 she helped organise the exhibition “ Direct form Algiers ” at the Museum of Montparnasse in Paris. Mamia Bretesché held the first video biennial in Dubai in 2010 and was co-curator of the video Appart Paris /Dubai 3rd edition. She also has been the co-curator with Sadek Rahim of the white night “ la Nuit Blanche “ of Oran initiated in 2010 and 2011 by The  French Cultural Center of Oran. In 2011 she was nominated manager and curator of the trophy Arts Plastiques of the Rapec an NGO based in Africa and supported by the UNESCO. Mamia Bretesché works as a private dealer and independant curator since 1977, she has opened  a public  space from 2003 until 2008 in Paris, three blocks far from Beaubourg, the  museum of Modern Art and has specialised in contemporary art by young emerging artists as well as establisched ones. Mamia Bretesché  is responsible of  the management of  artists studios and a gallery at Saint Maur des Fossés in the suburb of Paris.  


LUCA ZORDAN (5th step curator)

Born in Italy, he has studied Art History and Philosophy in Italy, Germany and Russia. Fluent in Italian, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese and French, Luca Zordan has curated exhibitions, organized art, design and architectural projects, written books and lectured on art history since 2003, collaborating with art and design museums, institutions, galleries, national and local governments from over 60 countries. Zordan’s curated exhibitions and projects have taken place at venues, such as the National Museum of Colombia (Bogota), National Museum of China (Beijing), Zhejiang Art Museum (Hangzhou), Moks Center (Mooste, Estonia), University of Los Andes (Bogota), Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich), IBZ-International Center for Science Exchange (Munich), China Art Academy (Hangzhou), Gyeonggi Creation Center (Korea). His main areas of research are: contemporary art, design, architecture; art and migration during WWII; European Avant-garde; art and science in the 19th and 20th Century. Selected publications include: Wiedemann por Colombia: la Mirada de un artista. Ediciones Uniandes, Bogotá, 2005 (together with Juan Fernando Herran) (Spanish); Spaces of Flow. The 2nd Architectural Biennial Beijing ABB2006. Architecture & Journalism- A&J International, Hong Kong, 2006 (English/Chinese); Memories on E-Motion. Cae, Beijing, 2007 (English/Chinese); Subliminals. Cige, Beijing, 2007 (Chinese/English); Sunhoo, Hangzhou, 2011 (Chinese/English); Korea. A shaman´s home. Energy Exchange Edition, Seoul, 2012 (Korean, English, and Italian); Italians in India in the Forties: Father Luca and the artist Nino La Civita. Marg/Tata Publications, Mumbai, 2013 (English).

FABIO CARNAGHI (6th step curator)

Art critic and independent curator. Scientific and cultural co-ordinator for the FAI (Italian Environment Fund)  focuses his research on the visual languages of the contemporary, with a close attention to sustainability, transversality and cultural development, favoring areas with high environmental impact and strong historical connotation. The interest in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and environmental issues has led him to work together with institutions (UNESCO, MAB-Man and Biosphere, Parco del Ticino), local associations and historic houses in Milan and its territory, where is working at a circuit project. He has worked as curator of contemporary art exhibitions and events in historical locations and his articles on the topic have been published on professional reviews, publications and monographies (Quayola, Bertozzi & Casoni, ZimmerFrei). Fabio Carnaghi is curator of the art section of Ultrafilosofia, webzine about art, culture and invention. He's artistic director and curator of the Rugabella Art Award, an innovative eco-contest-oriented cultural project, which aims at the definition of alternative and unconventional spaces for contemporary art.

ALESSANDRA PIATTI (7th step curator)

Alessandra Piatti is a Phd student in Visual, Performing Arts and Multimedia Technologies at the University of Genoa. She is a member of INCCA (International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art) and she is specializing in the field of conservation and documentation of installations, time-based works, and variable art. She collaborates with the Archive of Contemporary Art of the University of Genoa and she also active as an indipendent curator and art critic. From 2008 she is member of Ko.Ji.Ku Association (Consortium Young Curators) and she has organized and curated some exhibitions with the same association. Se hads also co-curated the exhibition Maria Rebecca Ballestra. Changing Perspective/Cambiando Prospettive (Genoa, June - November 2011) an she is the author of the following essays: Tra metafora e concetto. Declinazioni visive di alcune problematiche sociali e ambientali, in La grande abbuffata. Scarti_Scorie_Sprechi. Risorse Energetiche?, Erga edizioni, Genova 2009; Tra anima e corpo, in P.Valenti (a cura di), Mara Rebecca Ballestra CHANGING PERSPECTIVES/CAMBIANDO PROSPETTIVE, De Ferrari Editore, Genova 2011.


SARA REES (8th step curator)

Born on the Gower Peninsular, Wales and now based in Cardiff, Sara Rees is a visual artist whose practice also encompasses writing, curating and teaching. Rees gained a First Class BA Honours in Visual Performance at Dartington College of Art, and Master of Fine Art from Cardiff School of Art and Design.  Since then she has exhibited nationally and internationally, and undertaken many residencies, commissions and collaborative projects, and has been the recipient of a number of grants, awards and prizes, including the prestigious Creative Wales Award and Leverhulme Trust Award. In addition to gallery exhibitions Rees creates artworks in response to specific sites - from a bucolic woodland glade to a derelict ex-Soviet power station; working across installation, performance, participatory projects, video, photography and text. Rees sees art as a conversation with other fields of enquiry such as ecology, psychology, science, politics and philosophy, through which she pursues a sustained exploration of the relationship between nature and civilisation.  Rees has taught on BA and MA art programmes at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Swansea Metropolitan University and Coleg Sir Gar. She was cofounder of Hotel Antelope, an organisation promoting inter-cultural dialogue via a programme of exhibitions and residencies. She has worked as a freelance curator to curate exhibitions for Mission Gallery, Swansea; Chapter, Cardiff; ABC Gallery, Moscow; and Rhôd, West Wales. 



LEO LECCI (9th step curator)

Graduated and specialized in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Genoa, since 2005 he is researcher at the same Athenaeum where he teaches History of Contemporary Art and History of Contemporary Graphic Art. His academic career began with a research grant (1999-2003) for the organization and diffusion of the materials preserved in the Archives of Contemporary Art (AdAC) of the University of Genoa; his research activity developed in the field of XIX and XX century visual arts, with a particular attention to documentary sources. The major outcome of his researches has been the book Jean Cocteau, Peggy Guggenheim and the American Painting Art Exhibitions of Bordighera 1952-1957, published under the patronage of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice. He took part in the following ministerial projects, co-founded by MIUR (Ministry Of University And Research)and coordinated by Prof. Franco Sborgi: The Circulation of international models in Italian sculpture between XIX and XX century and Material for a study of the Art Prizes in Northern Italy in the Forties and in the Fifties. In 2000 he participated in the European Community Project "Raphael", outcoming in the volume Funeral Art and Architecture (XIX-XX Centuries): Dublin, Genoa, Madrid, Turin (published by Electa Spain in English, Italian, Spanish).  He organised several exhibitions in public venues; among them those dedicated to Allan Kaprow (Genoa 2008), to the Anglo-Italian artist Daphne Maugham Casorati (Imperia, 2009) and to the futurist avant-garde (Savona Futurista: avant-garde experience from Marinetti to Tullio d'Albisola, Savona, 2009-2010). He was in the scientific board of several national and international exhibition and he also wrote essays or contributions in the related catalogues. He presented artists of the present with critical essays published in their exhibition catalogues (Albert Coers, Munich 2008; Michelangelo Penso, Venice 2011; Marie Denis, Paris 2013, Maria Rebecca Ballestra, Bordighera 2013). He published many essays on the figurative culture of the XIX and XX centuries, concentrating especially on artists such as Giorgio De Chirico, Constantin Meunier, Claude Monet. He also wrote about the avant-garde movements of the second half of the XX century (Pop Art, Minimal Art, Conceptual Art, Arte Povera, New British Sculpture) in Art of the Twentieth Century, published by Skira in several volumes (Italian and English version). He recently collaborated with Carlo Bertelli in the new edition of History of Art, a textbook issued by educational publisher Bruno Mondadori (2010; 5th Volume, XX Century Art and the new trends in the art of the present). He took part in international conferences, among which: Ecritures et inscriptions de l'oeuvre d'art, Université de Perpignan, February 14-15 2013 (Paper: L'écriture dans l'art conceptuel: l'oeuvre de Joseph Kosuth et Lawrence Weiner); Lo splendore della scultura nei cimiteri europei, Verona, September 28-30 2006 (Paper: Staglieno as model for the international sculpture); Il sito web degli istituti di cultura, La Biennale di Venezia, Venezia, Palazzo Querini Dubois, 13 dicembre 2004 (Paper: The catalogues of the Biennal Art Exhibitions in Venice as relational web-tools for the analysis of contemporary art dynamics); Memoire sculptée de l’Europe et de ses aires d’influence XVII-XX siècles", Strasburg, European Parliament, 3-4 December 2001 (Paper: Action for the funeral sculpture: the Genoa model).


(10th step curator) to be confermed

JOACHIM ARNDT (11th step curator)

Joachim Arndt is a German screenwriter and japanologist living and working in Germany, Japan and France. He concluded his studies with a master in political economy at the Frankfurt Goethe University in Germany and in Japanese languages and literature at the Sorbonne University in Paris. After his years lasting experience as general manager for a Japanese trading company for luxury goods, Joachim became an author and screenwriter, mainly for series in German TV. Furthermore he works as a cultural tour guide in Japan and France and as speaker for voice-overs in documentaries.


(12th step curator) to be confirmed








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